Deepwater seismic-acoustic systems and sea originated processes\' monitoring techniques

The present project as planned is a joint Indo-Russian enterprise aimed to set up facilities to manufacture both equipment and program products for translating this project of creating modern tsunami monitoring system into life. In order to bring down the cost involved we propose to indigenize to maximum manufacturing buoys and system\'s land facilities components as well as development of program products thus to increase as much as possible local Indian industry technological content. All new developments, if any, will be jointly patented. The system and its components maybe subject of marketing to international and national communities of all countries.

Subject of the project

A combined technique of tsunami catastrophic wave’s registration is proposed. The basic element of the process is pressure deviations measurements using the special pressure sensors which accuracy is dramatically improved by new technologies.

Goals and objectives

Joint designing and Manufacturing of Integrated Ocean monitoring and tsunami warning system.

Tasks to be fulfilled:

  1. Development of software and hardware for registration physical values and processes of:
    • seismic effects in sea bottom and sub bottom layers;
    • hydro acoustical noises accompanying mass water displacement;
    • pressure levels at different depths accompanying mass water displacement;
    • deviation of physical parameters of water at passing of water wave.
  2. Combined processing of data picked from a collection of floating buoys.
  3. Estimation of catastrophe’s consequences for shore objects.

Project outline

Some achievements in the fields of physical parameters of sea environment measurement were made in Russia recently:

The main components of proposed system consists of the sea surface buoy and includes:

The system contains a number of buoys which maybe located in the vicinity of dangerous regions at distance of about 500 km between them.

Shore based hardware and software means are used to collect and process the data received from the buoys and to pass the results to the organizations involved.

The essence of the hydro buoy data collection principle is:

As a result each buoy is capable to produce the data on:

The pressure sensor sensitivity level allows to measure the pressure at any level with resolution less then 1000 Pascal (0.01 atm.) irrespectively of the rough seas at the surface.

It allows to synchronize the hydro acoustical data processing at the buoy position with the changes of the pressure front.

As a result, independently to the catastrophe’s reasons, it is possible to give an alarm signal to minimize the casualties one hour earlier in comparison with warning time of available present day tsunami warning systems.

The results pending

During the project fulfillment the Parties will developed:

The combined publications will be launched and the international exhibitions and conferences will be arranged during the project fulfillment.

It is proposed to consider while promoting this project joint venture the following:

Commercialization of the results lies in: