Новость: “Radio-Electronic Technologies” Concern industry news


Striving for modernization and further development of radio-electronic industry’s technologies JS Company Concern “Radio-Electronic Technologies” has arranged on December 25, 2013 in   JS Company Science & Production Centre “SAPSAN” jointly with Moscow office of “MathWorks” company, USA, a seminar for the leading science and production companies of the Concern.  The subject of the seminar was “Modern IT technologies for designing radio-electronic equipment”. In the course of the seminar the basic attention was paid to  the issues of the present-day situation and perspectives  for IT technologies development at the Concern’s enterprises and application IT technologies for the period up to 2020 in that industry. Automation of project’s management and control system and   technology of virtual design were named as the priority issues alongside with some other aims. It has been underlined that the implementation of these goals in the nearest future is essential for the Concern’s enterprises to gain the world level in production of radio-electronic equipment.